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Name of Event OHM2013
Location of Event Netherlands
Start date of Event 2013/07/31
End date of Event 2013/08/04
Url of Event http://ohm2013.org
Comment last dutch camp. European food trailer was delivered.

OHM2013 is over. We delivered the food trailer and a new dome.


Lessons learned - what to improve next time

Information about the event

I am new here and want to participate! What do i have to do?

There is a Beginners page that explains everything you need to do.

The Informations about OHM2013 itself has moved to a subpage.

general idea

The apperance of milliways on OHM2013 will be epic at least, if not mindblowing. We need to grow above ourselves and go where noone has been before.

milliways setup

the tent plan

Flex went nuts in sketchup and made this:

milliways front
milliways side

Milliways needs to be added. See [[1]]

Ask sync for details.


The idea.

Milliways will be a tent cross with the dome in the middle.

The dome should be covered with some white material to be able to project videos onto the dome from the inside. awgh had a "the world is coming to an end" video, that could be looped there.

OHM 2013 - the lounge

the lounge will be the composation of entrance - dome - bar. This will be a straight line. We need a lot of blinking in here.


One arm of the tent will be the entrance to the construction. A rather small SG20 or SG30 as entrance, maybe some couches on the side, a podium to welcome the guests (can be used for actions inside of the dome...)

the dome

As the dome will be the center of the construction it should be equipped alike. Couches, DJ desk...


Third arm of the cross will be the bar. It should be a SG400 or 500, best with side exits. The beer tap naturally belongs here.


Second arm will be the Restaurant itself. We will need at least a SG500 for seating and eating as also some kitchen space. The "hot cooking" should be done in the Kitchen Trailer which is docked to the restaurant tent.


Home of the Food Style Army who will be doing our Food. And that will be awesome food!


The fourth arm should be the Hackcenter. A SG400/500, switch, power distribution, other technics arrive here.

Sleeping Tents

1 - 2 sleeping tents on the side for those who don't want to bring their own tent. Very successful during Camp2011.



The tent of the Leitstelle511 / CCC Hannover. Should be connected to milliways on one end.


We need to transport stuff to ohm and back.

Transport needed:


  • Dome
  • 4-6 Zelte


  • div equipment von mc.fly


  • 2-4 Kuehlschraenke aus der c-base

space ship parking place

We need a spaceship parking place as its milliways. we will need some spaceships on it.

Ideas and Details at the space ship parking place page.



We need a real calendar for those 11 days in here. The Detailed schedule is on the schedule page.


There is a Participants list

the money that makes milliways work




We want to have a coin again. We must have a coin for OHM2013.

Also we have some coins from camp and 29c3 left which we can also sell.

400 Coins again?

If we sell them for 20 eur (and the old ones for 25)


Do we want it? Has the time come for milliways swag?

Maybe make a preorder system for swag? Allow someone external to run a shop, handle the CCs and look for the stuff to be around on milliways? Order extra swag to sell?

Ideas there:

  • tshirt (classic)
  • hoodie (expensive. but warm. good for camps.)
  • apron (we are a kitchen)
  • bag

People who could run it:

  • nono
  • colle
  • Freddruck


Usually milliways is donation based. We will need (and get) a lot of donations.


if we would have sets of same plates we could use a dishwasher better than "everybody brings his own dishes". So we plan to do a set of milliways dishes with the milliways logo burned in there.

This set would be

  • big plate
  • small plate
  • bowl

we could buy this set for around 3,50eur (exp) + transport = 5eur (expected) and sell them after the event for 15Eur.


milliways participation fee.

do we need them?

What would be included?

  • coin
  • plates

events on milliways

event ideas

Events we could do on ohm2013. This is a braindump collection. They might all not happen, but we surely could try to make them happen.

Church of robotron


  • mc.fly mailed them to ask what we can do to to get them here
    • church of robotron has answered and likes teh idea a lot.
    • they try to get a lost of stuff together
    • moar news upcoming...


plausible if shardy comes.

flame effects workshop

Shardy? Valkyre? KameraBernd? Sync?


I would like to invite ChaosVPN to join milliways and maybe reserve a space in the hackcenter and / or couch.


A hackint irc server runs from the gear loft of carton's tent:

meridies.hackint.org  IN A

flags of the countrys in milliways

every country brings a flag

Crazy ideas


put LEDs on (mabye inside) DOME poles

Duroplastic triangles to fasten directly onto the dome (replacement for tarp cover).

Sound system. Loud.


Badges, T-shirts.

Food trailer Mk2

* pans 
* pots
* dishwasher.
* replace one grill with "stool cooker"


  • simple disassembly (screws, no welding).
  • Reconfigurable interior.

wastewater disposal

* wastewater tank on wheels?


Buy a generator to be more or less independent.


Bring enough beer *and* have plan B (for beer). I.e., explore local providers in advance.

Cook list


Fixed limit on grocery spending.

Odds and ends

Order benches and tables well in advance. Overlord should not handle that task.

Also order tents (SG 400/500) well in advance, 3-4 months before the event at the least.


Before future expansion, current approach must be perfected.

EMF camp wants Milliways, would pay for transport.

Must Have

* Löschdecke x2
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